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Champions: West Henderson Baseball Game 1

Champions: West Henderson Baseball Game 1

I am still so excited for these young men! I’ve watched them grow and play sports since they were in elementary school. I’ve gone to church with them. I’ve been photographing them since they were just tykes barely able to stand upright. And, oh! Have they grown up!!

These men have been on a tear, and they have played strong smart ball in their championship run. They have complete trust in each other. They work hard together as a team, lifting each other up to help everyone win.

And it paid off. NCHSAA 3A Baseball Champions. (Wow, that is fun to type!)

I’ve pushed out photos of game 1 below. Game 2 (spoiler: the game they clinched the championship) will be coming shortly!

Congratulations to the team. You’ve made all of Mills River Proud!

Playoff Memory Book

I have taken thousands of photos of this Championship Run for the Falcons, and there are some amazing photos of the team to remember this fantastic season. I’m working on several Memory Book concepts to commemorate this season!

I’m offering 2 different options for books for this special team (I’m also doing the same for Marching Band & Football!).

  • Traditional Custom Memory Book: $375. This 10×10 book includes a custom cover and 40 pages of your favorite athlete. It includes cutom photo artwork the featured athlete, and if you want to add your own highlights and mementos, we can do those as well.
  • Playoff Memory Book: $275. This will be 1 book with a photo cover on it that features the best shots of the playoff season for the Falcons. This 10×10 book is 20 pages and will include the best shots I have to commemorate the season.

To make the Playoff Season Book, I will need 6 more people to order. Please tell your friends!! Otherwise, I can create a custom book that you will love!

The Playoff Season Books will be must be ordered by June 30, with delivery about 10 days later.

You can order your Season Book by clicking here and selecting the West Baseball book image. Or drop me a note about Custom Memory Books here!


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