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You are proud of your program and proud of your senior athletes. One way that you can promote both throughout your season is through the senior banner program from Blue Ridge Expressions. I promise you will not find a better senior banner program in Western North Carolina. I will make this a fun experience for everyone involved. Senior Banners are a wonderful way to build on the pride of your organization.

I can photograph your seniors at your school at a time that works best for your group, and in about a week you can have your banners in your hands ready to hang on the gym’s walls. These are custom designed banners, complete with your school logo and colors. The vinyl material they are printed on is strong and will hold up throughout the season and allow the senior to hang in their bedroom without showing wear.

I offer banners in multiple sizes, but the most common ones are:

  • 6′ – This works well to hang in gyms in and other protected areas
  • 4′ – This is ideal for outdoor events for large fences and can be seen across the field
  • 3′ – This smaller size is perfect for railings and where you have so many team members that you can’t get larger prints.

I now offer multiple banner designs for your school! Each school can now choose from designs that make them as unique as they are!

Banner pricing begins at $65 and includes the banner and a social media version of the banner to share online. Prints are available for purchase.

How Do Senior Banners Work?

For more than 6 athletes needing Senior Banners, I will arrive at your school about an hour before the planned shoot and set up a complete portable studio. I use a multi-light setup to ensure we get exactly what we need to get the best extraction and best look for your senior banners. 

If you have 6 or fewer seniors, I’ll open my studio space and have the team come onsite for their session. We can also do reshoots and rescheduling in my studio if necessary.

As your team arrives, we make this fun. The student athletes enjoy this private time with just the seniors, and it gives them extra bonding time as they begin their final season. I will take photos of everyone in 4-5 poses so they can pick their favorites – and not be like everyone else.

About 24 hours after the photo session, I will post the best images of everyone online and text the link to each athlete. Everyone has a chance to go online and choose their favorite poses. 

I will then fully edit the photo, fixing complexion issues, and making you look your best. I’ll add the image to the background with your school colors and mascot. Then I will text you a proof so that you can confirm that your name is spelled correctly, and it looks like you want.

After I get everyone’s approval, I will send the banners to the lab for printing, and I usually receive them 3 days later. I will then personally deliver them to the school, coach, or parent’s committee. This group can work on getting them hung in the best spot to showcase your team.

The goal is to take the banner portraits and have them at the school 7 days later ready to hang on the walls!

Who Should Get Senior Banners?

Senior Banners are not just for sports! I do banners for band members, and I can also create amazing banners for the STEM programs as well. I’ve done banners for Gaming Clubs that have been a big hit. If you have a group that wants to celebrate their members, I will be happy to help you!

I have had individuals come to me to have their Senior Banners made when their team didn’t have a program, and sometimes when they see my designs, they want one to hang in their room at home.

Senior Banners are Perfect For:

  • Football Teams
  • Volleyball Teams
  • Soccer Teams
  • Marching Band
  • Dance Teams
  • Cheer squads – both school and club based
  • Gymnastics teams
  • Track and Field
  • Wrestling
  • Middle School Sports Teams
  • Forensic Teams
  • Swim Teams

Team Banners

I also can create group banners for your Senior Class or your entire Team. Let’s chat about your needs and we’ll schedule an add-on to get all the seniors on a large banner!

Team banners are a great compliment to your individual banners.

Design & Print Services

I also offer design and printing services. While I take pride in the photographic quality I can create for you with my portable studio, there are times this simply won’t work. If you have the photos, I can help you get a quality banner designed and delivered to your school in days! This is helpful for those out of the Western North Carolina area. I’ll provide hints on how to get your best photographs that I can use to extract and create your banner for you. Please complete the survey below and let me know that you need design and print services in the special request space and we’ll make it happen!

Banner Survey

Please use the form below to let me know about your banner needs. Or give me a text/call at 828-513-0209 and we can go over it on the phone! I look forward to helping your team get the best banners possible!

Additional Banner Designs