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Congratulations to West Henderson Football

Congratulations to West Henderson Football

One game doesn’t define a season, and, sadly, not every team can finish the season with a win. The West Henderson Falcons had an incredible dream season this year. Each game they worked hard to prepare against each opponent, winning the County Championship (3-0), The Conference Championship (6-0), and advancing to the 3rd Round of the NCHSAA 3A Playoffs, before falling for the first time all season against Eastern Guilford. The Falcons finished the season 12-1, and constantly proved to everyone that they were a legit team that was overlooked as the season began.

And at the end, no one was overlooking West Henderson.

These young men – led by an incredible Senior Class – showed tremendous heart and growth all season. They rallied around each other each week, tweaking their play during the game and making critical adjustments. Never in all my years of watching West Henderson Football on the sidelines have I seen the brotherhood among the players like I saw this season. They supported each other on every play and series, no matter the result. When they fell behind, they rallied and fixed what they needed to do. The coaching staff worked hard to empower the players and teach them how to be their very best.

In one troubling period during the first round game of the playoffs, the North Davidson team had figured out how to bust through the line and pressure the West Henderson Quarterback. His Offensive Line gathered around him after a tough series and together they built a new plan to stop the attack. I don’t think Kachilo was touched again that game and they came up victorious in dominating fashion.

I’m so proud of these young men. This defeat will sting, but in time these players will remember the great times, and they will remember how far they came and how well they played. Congratulations to you all: you’ve made us all better by your strength and play on the field.

Good luck to you all! Thank you for the great show!


Memory Books

This is a season that will be remembered for decades to come, and will be honored at every reunion for the next 75 years. Make sure you have your own collection of the best photos of the season to share in the future! I am offering Memory Books of this season, customized for you! Orders placed by Dec 1 should arrive by Christmas – and they make incredible gifts! Please reach out and let’s create a Memory Book for a Season to Remember!

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