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I sincerely thank you for your order! I am excited to get these images to you. I will begin processing it immediately. If you have changes or special requests, please contact me at 828-513-0209 or reach me by email here. I appreciate your support and your purchase.

Digital Downloads

Please note that on your order confirmation there is a link that you can directly download your images. This will show below and on your email confirmation.

If the download is a proof that requires additional editing (banners) then you will still get a download of the image on the website, and I will email you the final edited image.

Shipping Notice

Edits, processing, printing, and shipping is currently taking 10-12 days. If you need it immediately, I can archive-print many sizes at my office for you to pick up in person. Please let me know if you need this option.

Pat Shrader

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