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Hi! Thank you for trusting me to create your Senior Banners. A special Thank You to Leslie Franklin for taking your photos, and I’m glad to be able to create your banner from her work! These images haven’t been edited yet: I’ll fix whatever is needed to make sure you look your best in the final banner!

Please email me at pat93@blueridgeexpressions.com (or Reply to the message I sent you earlier) the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Your favorite image (Make sure the “BRE_####-PROOF” line at the top of the image shows)
  • Any changes I need to make to your background

I will then marry that image up with your background I’ll then send you a text so you can confirm that everything looks good.

You will be able to download a watermark-free version of the banner for free from this page when ready.

Purchasing Other Images

If you would like to purchase a print of the final banner, you can do so below (before or after the final banner is done). If you want to purchase a print of another pose, please reach out to Ms. Franklin for arrangements!

Senior Portraits

And please keep me in mind if you are looking for senior portraits. I would love to help you create some keepsakes that you will love and hang on your walls!

Thanks again. I’m excited to get these made for you! Good luck this season!