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Hi! Thank you for trusting me to take your banner photos! 

Here is your final banner proof, along with the other images we took in your session. You will need to login to see them. You can download a high-quality image of the final version on this page for free, or order additional prints of that image and other poses you may like.

Also, here are some game pics from last season when you visited West Henderson. I look forward to getting to several of your games this year, too! Polk at West Henderson Volleyball Game.

And give me a follow on Instagram. I’m @blueridge.pat!

Purchasing Other Images

If you want to purchase other poses, you can order them as well from the site. You have a choice to order “as-is” with the green-screen, or with a different background for a small editing charge.

If you would like to purchase one of the backgrounds listed at the bottom of the page, please order the background AND the image you want to put onto the background. The background only needs to be purchased once per pose: if you want the same image in 3 5×7 images, you will order 1 Background and 3 5x7s. This covers the time and the background costs, but you can get as many images as you want with the same pose & background by just ordering the prints. Reach out to me if you have any questions!

Senior Portraits

And please keep me in mind if you are looking for senior portraits. I would love to help you create some keepsakes that you will love and hang on your walls!

Thanks again. I’m excited to get these made for you! Good luck this season!