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|| Ava || Senior Mountain Aerialist || West Henderson Class of 2024

|| Ava || Senior Mountain Aerialist || West Henderson Class of 2024

Late this summer, the mountains around Hendersonville, North Carolina echoed with the vibrant energy of Ava’s diverse talents as we embarked on a journey to capture the essence of her senior year. Ava, a passionate actress, dancer, and model, brought a unique blend of creativity and dynamism to her senior portrait session. Throughout the process, it became clear that this would be more than just a photography session; it would be an exploration of Ava’s multifaceted personality.

Ava’s love for silk aerialist activities added an exciting dimension to our shoot. We ventured into the heart of the Western North Carolina mountains here in Mills River, seeking the perfect backdrop for her aerialist shots. The combination of Ava’s grace and the ethereal surroundings resulted in captivating images that truly showcased her love for this unique form of expression.

Not only is Ava a skilled aerialist, but she is also deeply involved in the world of dance, particularly at West Henderson. Her passion for dance is palpable, and we wanted to ensure that this significant aspect of her life was captured authentically. Collaborating closely together, we worked to plan a Senior Portrait Experience that seamlessly integrated her love for dance, silk aerialist activities, and her magnetic personality.

Despite facing setbacks due to the unpredictable weather, the resilience and positivity that Ava exuded made the entire session an enjoyable experience. Laughter echoed through all our sessions, creating an atmosphere that transcended the challenges posed by the rain. It was a testament to Ava’s vibrant spirit and our shared commitment to making the most of every moment.

The planning process for Ava’s Senior Portrait Experience was a collaborative effort. Ava and I worked together to ensure that the session reflected her individuality and aspirations. From choosing locations that resonated with her to incorporating the various elements of her artistic journey, every detail was carefully curated. This collaborative approach not only resulted in a more personalized experience but also laid the foundation for the creation of images that would go on to receive recognition.

As my camera clicked, freezing moments in time, Ava effortlessly transitioned between her roles as an actor, dancer, and model. The lens captured her versatility, and the mountains bore witness to the magic we created together. The images we produced during Ava’s Senior Portrait Experience stand as more than mere photographs—they are a celebration of a remarkable individual and a testament to the power of collaboration.

Creating with Ava was an amaazing experience for me. This session really highlighted the beauty of embracing one’s passions and weaving them into the fabric of a senior portrait session. From the silk aerialist shots against the backdrop of Mills River to the candid moments filled with laughter, every frame tells a story of Ava’s journey through her senior year. This Senior Portrait Experience was not just about capturing images; it was about encapsulating the essence of Ava’s vibrant spirit and the extraordinary tapestry of her talents.

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Congratulations Ava, and I can’t wait to see how far you go!


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