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West Henderson Football Remains Undefeated at 8-0

West Henderson Football Remains Undefeated at 8-0

In what was another huge game for the Falcons, West Henderson defeated the Pisgah Bears in the game of unbeaten conference foes. Though Pisgah scored fast out of the gate, West immediately answered and then kept on answering. In the end, West Henderosn won the game 30-10 and positioned themselves to stay in the running for the conference championships. There are 2 big games remaining this season, so stay focused, Falcons, and bring it home again to Mills River!

2023 Season Memory Books

There is no doubt that this year is a special year for the Falcons. If you would like to get a beautiful 30-page hard-cover book of the best images of the season, let me know! I’m taking orders now, and these will be great Christmas Gifts! You can pre-order the 2023 season now at special pricing (I need 3 orders to make these happen at this price). You can also purchase a book from 2022 if you didn’t have one already. More information here.

Autumn in the Mountains is perfect for Senior Portraits!

Fall is a great time to take some incredible senior portraits. These mountains fill with a beautiful quilt of oranges and reds, making for some of the best portrait opportunities. Let’s schedule your Senior Portrait session today!

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