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Round 4 Dramatic Victory for West Henderson Baseball

Round 4 Dramatic Victory for West Henderson Baseball

Every time this team is challenged, they come through. Every time.

Panic doesn’t set in. They don’t get rattled. They just do what they know to do and they trust their teammates to play their roles. And together they win.

Facing their toughest competition yet, the Falcons faced East Rowan’s Mustangs – a team with a lot of talent – and West Henderson prevailed. Each team had success at bat, putting baserunners on and moving them around despite great defensive plays. By the end of the 6th inning the score was 4-4. And after the top half of the final 7th inning, the Falcons had gotten a much-needed stop, stranding the Mustangs on base and setting up a dramatic finish.

A very noisy double (near home run) by Alex Anderson and some great head’s up baserunning plays (the hidden ball trick didn’t work) eventually brought Muggy to third base. Then Jude Lyda came to the plate. Jude’s plate appearance rattled the Mustang pitcher who sent the ball into the dirt at home plate, sending it hard to the back wall. The footrace was on. Muggy took off from third, and he and the pitcher arrived at the plate at nearly the same time, tumbling as Alex slid over the plate and the Falcons brought home the incredible 5-4 victory in storybook fashion.

These boys, men, know what to do and when to do it. So excited for them and for their success. Congratulations!!

Round 5, State Semifinals are next against Oak Grove in Winston Salem.

What was your favorite moment of this game? Leave your comments below and let me know!


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