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West Henderson Gets record 13-win Season over Oak Grove

West Henderson Gets record 13-win Season over Oak Grove

(Yeah, I’m catching up! And this game is my celebration post on a great season!)

Last Friday, heading into Thanksgiving Week, West Henderson Football accomplished something really special: 13 wins! This season’s win total set a record for the most wins in a season, breaking last season’s record setting season of 12 wins (shared).

Simply put, this group of seniors are the most dominant senior class to ever play at West Henderson in their career. Over their Junior and Senior years, they finished with a record of 25 wins, and only 2 losses (year, I’m catching up and writing knowing the results of the Hickory game – check those pics out here.).

These young men are not only super talented on the field, but incredible people off the field as well. I have absolutely LOVED getting to know you all, and I can’t wait to see what you do with your lives. And some of you will continue to play Winter and Spring sports. I can’t wait to see you then, too!

2023 Season Memory Books

There is no doubt that this year is a special year for the Falcons that will be talked about forever. If you would like to get a beautiful 30-page hard-cover book of the best images of the season, let me know! I’m taking orders now, and these will be great Christmas Gifts! You can pre-order the 2023 season now at special pricing (I need 3 orders to make these happen at this price). You can also purchase a book from 2022 if you didn’t have one already. More information here.

Reminder – Senior Night Family Portraits

Don’t forget to purchase your senior night portraits if you haven’t done so already! You can find them here.

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