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Hi! Thank you for trusting me to take your banner photos! 

Below you will find the banner proofs (You will need to login to see them) These haven’t been edited yet: I’ll fix whatever is needed to make sure you look your best in the final banner!

Please email me at pat93@blueridgeexpressions.com (or Reply to the message I sent you earlier) the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Your favorite image (Make sure the “BRE_####-PROOF” line at the top of the image shows)
  • Any changes I need to make to your background

I will then marry that image up with your background I’ll then send you a text so you can confirm that everything looks good.

You will be able to download a watermark-free version of the banner for free from this page when ready.

Reshoot Policy

I want you to be happy with your banner portrait. I work hard in our initial shoot to make sure you have an image you like and that will work on the banner. You get to see the images on the camera during your shoot. However, there are times when you just want another image. Therefore, I do schedule reshoots if you absolutely need one. The price for the reshoot will be $20 + tax, paid in advance when booking the shoot with me through an online link. Reshoots will be held at my Mills River studio space. Please text me if you need a reshoot, and we’ll find a time as soon as possible for you. If the reshoot will cause a delay in the team’s banner delivery, please expect your banner to arrive later so that we don’t hold up the entire team.

This fee will be waived in case of technical issues affecting multiple poses.

Purchasing Other Images

If you want to purchase other poses, you can order them below. I will place the image on any background you would like, shown at the bottom of the screen. School backgrounds and solid colors (white, grey, black) can be selected at no charge. If you would like a premium image (photo images shown), there is a higher charge for those templates due to licensing requirements.

If you would like to purchase one of the backgrounds listed at the bottom of the page, please order the background AND the image you want to put onto the background. The background only needs to be purchased once per pose: if you want the same image in 3 5×7 images, you will order 1 Background and 3 5x7s. This covers the time and the background costs, but you can get as many images as you want with the same pose & background by just ordering the prints. Reach out to me if you have any questions!

If you don’t make a background selection, I will use the grey background.

Senior Portraits

And please keep me in mind if you are looking for senior portraits. I would love to help you create some keepsakes that you will love and hang on your walls!

Thanks again. I’m excited to get these made for you! Good luck this season!